Colt 1847 Percussion Pistol
John emerson 1847 colt marmoset render

Colt 1847 Full Material

John emerson 1847 colt marmoset render wire

Colt 1847 Wireframe, Ambient Occlusion, Normal, and Cavity

John emerson 1847 albedo

Albedo Map

John emerson 1847 normal

Normal Map

John emerson 1847 roughness

Roughness Map

A 3rd person game model of a Colt 1847 dragoon in 44 caliber pistol. This pistol was a revolutionary percussion cap and powder pistol that drastically reduced reloading times required by the user. It became a favorite among Army officers on horseback, and in later versions, Navy officers as well. Total triangle count is 6,458. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag using 4k textures.